Alexandra Ross of Art for Animals, LLC aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of wildlife in order to encourage us to support these amazing creatures. She specializes in acrylic on canvas, colored pencil, and mixed media. Below are photos of some of her pieces of artwork. 

All artwork that you see below is also available as prints, greeting cards, magnets, and stickers.

Contact Alexandra at for purchase of an original or for wholesale pricing. 

 Ten percent of the sales of Alexandra’s artwork is donated to wildlife conservation and

animal rescue organizations.

'Majestic' - Mixed Media- Acrylic on Canvas on Wood,  28.5in. x 19in.

'Flocking to the Moon' - Acrylic on Canvas on Wood 24in x 24in

'Wisdom' - Mixed Media-Acrylic on Canvas on Wood 16in. x 16in.

'Lobo' - Mixed Media - Acrylic on Canvas on Wood 20in. x 20in.

'Matriarch' - Mixed Media - Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas on Wood 22in. x 16n.

'Compassion' - Colored Pencil, 8in. x 10in.


'Bears of the Blue Ridge' - Mixed Media, 16in. x 16in.

'Elephant' - Charcoal, 7in x 5in.

'Freedom' - Graphite, 8.5in. x 11in.

'Otter Friends' - Mixed Media - Acrylic on Canvas on Wood, 11n. x 8n.

'Hawk of the Night' - Mixed Media - Colored Pencil & Acrylic, 8in. x 10in.

'Sunburst' - Mixed Media - Acrylic on Canvas on Wood 9in. x 6in.

'Elephant' - Charcoal, 5in x 7in