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Are you looking for a unique addition to your wedding or special event? I create commission paintings on matte board for your special day! We will discuss your vision for the piece, whether it be a painting of your venue, flowers with your wedding colors, or whatever else you would like! I would love to work with you to create a unique signature frame that will be part of your home and memories forever! 


I am interested! How does the process work? I am based in Asheville, NC and am happy to set up face to face meetings here to get to know you, or we can have a phone conversation as I ship throughout the U.S.! 

You then send me a digital image of the engagement photo or any other photo you would like to use, and I use a local professional print company to print this photo and have the signature board ready for your guests to sign and write sweet notes.  Included is also your choice of various black or gold frames, with the options to upgrade if you find a specific frame you love. If you see a previous signature board I created that you would love to replicate, I can also create enhanced prints! 

Turn around time is 2-4 months so this can be a last minute addition to your wedding! Contact me today at  to set up a meeting!


24in. x 30in. Grove Park Inn Wedding, Asheville, NC

 White Inner Matte has Space for up to 120 Guest Notes and Signatures

24in. x 30in. Homewood Wedding, Asheville, NC

White Inner Matte has Space for up to 140 Guest Notes and Signatures

Asheville Skyline and Homewood venue 24i
orchid board_edited.jpg

       18in x 24in. Atlanta Wedding, Atlanta, GA

White Inner Matte has Space for up to 80 Guest Notes and Signatures

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